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  1. Settings Video in proc Video LPF . Video low-pass filter. Filters out high-frequency noise on video, and can reduce jitter when sampling clock does not match input video dot clock rate (e.g. older consoles in linedouble mode). NOTE: The last 3 settings are not effective with VGA input in RGBHV/RGBS mode. Auto: Suitable LPF is automatically selected based on input source and video mode [default.
  2. g: ----- Input Cable: Official Nintendo component cables OSSC Firmware = 0.81a (use 0.81 if you don't have audio version of OSSC) OSSC input set to AV2 ----- Note: Although these settings are based on my Gamecube with official component cables, the only values that may or may not differ from other Gamecube hardware are the following: 1
  3. Optimal settings for gamecube official component cables. It says it in the title, but yeah i really want to know because i havent found any useful documentation about this console on the ossc. comment. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best . no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! More posts from the OSSC.
  4. OSSC base mode Modified parameters Notes PC modeline NES 256x240 @60.10Hz 341* / 262 / @ 5.37MHz (NTSC) 256x240 To reduce jitter in couple topmost lines, try disabling Allow TVP HPLL2x and/or using mask. * one scanline is typically 1 dot shorter on every other frame Modeline ossc_nes_1280x720_60.08 80.55 1280 1385 1510 1705 720 729 738 786 -hsync -vsync : SNES 256x239/224 @60.10Hz 341.
  5. In order to assemble these console-specific profiles, you need to load them one-by-one in the online profile editor in order to create a BIN file that you can imprint on an empty microSD card using Win32DiskImager. Then you plug the microSD into your OSSC, go into the Settings menu, and use the Import Settings function
  6. If your priority is reducing input lag, let the OSSC handle deinterlacing. To toggle between the two deinterlacing options, press the menu button on the remote and navigate to Output opt. Press the OK button, then navigate to 480i/576i Proc
  7. g helped getting.

Nintendo Gamecube 480p Output Optimal OSSC Timing: ----- Input Cable: Official Nintendo component cables OSSC Firmware = 0.81a (use 0.81 if you don't have audio version of OSSC) OSSC input set to AV2 ----- Note: Although these settings are based on my Gamecube with official component cables, the only values that may or may not differ from other Gamecube hardware are the following: 1 The PS2 is hooked up to the OSSC through component with HDMI output. I use a 27 inch 1920×1080 PC monitor and can't get a 4:3 aspect ratio/resolution. It's like, maybe, 3:2? Definitely looks stretched. I'm almost positive it has to do with settings like h.samplerate or h.backporch. I've seen that for a PS2 the h.samplerate. These bars are present whether the OSSC is set to 480i bob deinterlacing, 480p passthru, or line2x 480p ---> 960p. When the Wii is set to 240p for NES Virtual Console games, things get even more complex: Line2x 240p ---> 480p exhibits similar (maybe even identical) pillarboxing bars to the Gamecube games Quick and dirty comparison between OSSC Line2x and Passthru modes running Zelda Twilight Princess on the Nintendo Wii, EDTV 480p @60Hz YPbPr video mode. Equi.. The OSSC is able to achieve zero lag scaling, by not buffering video at all; Instead, it simply multiplies the signal that it receives by 2-5 times the original size. When you first power on a brand new OSSC (or flash the firmware), it's default settings are a good place to start and this is generally referred to as generic mode

The ossc does a pretty good job displaying my ps2 on my 4k Samsung tv. The rgb image has vibrant colors and pixel perfect. I find the ossc to be a little more user friendly than the framemeister in terms of adjusting the settings. The image from the oscc is definitely in my opinion the same high quality as you'll get using a framemeister. It is. A few games tested using the Official Component Cable 480p Component is being being fed into an OSSC, which is line doubled to 960p. To be able to record 960.. OSSC is a small device, which can help you connecting many retro gaming consoles to modern TVs and monitors and will keep and improve the image quality. A lot of modern TVs cannot correctly recognise and process older video formats, so that the image on the screen is very bad and you have a long delay between button presses and actions. The OSSC will accept such formats and will linedouble. Your 4K TV may support the OSSC's 480i 4x setting (960p) which looks pretty good as long as you don't want to use the OSSC's scanline feature. At 960p, the scanlines are super thin and look like garbage. In short, it is going to boil down to personal preference and the capabilities of your TV. As for the PS1, I'd go with an RGB scart cable and an OSSC especially if you are planning on stowing.

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  1. g #oleschoolgamers (The no lag!!) OSSC unboxing, Menus and Setup! What does this line multiplier really offer and how ea..
  2. : 5:52 Spiderman 2- 7:21 Dragonball z Budokai- 8:54 These are the settings I used but if you know of better settings for Gamecube games.
  3. XRGB-2 Specific settings . insert data XRGB-3 Specific settings . insert data XRGB-Mini Specific settings . insert data OSSC Specific settings . To avoid picture blackouts, connect the Wii directly to the OSSC via the component video inputs, do not use an external transcoder. No special settings are required on the OSSC
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  5. r/Gamecube. log in sign up. User account menu. 3. GCHD Mk II and SWIIS/GBI settings w/o OSSC. Question. Close. 3. Posted by. u/alphageist. 6 months ago. Archived. GCHD Mk II and SWIIS/GBI settings w/o OSSC. Question. 6 comments. share. save hide report.

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Gamecube. From Classic Console Upscaler wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 Models. 1.1 Models tested; 2 XRGB-2 Specific settings; 3 XRGB-3 Specific settings; 4 XRGB-Mini Specific settings; 5 OSSC Specific settings; Models . insert data Models tested . PAL launch model (tested on OSSC). XRGB-2 Specific settings . insert data XRGB-3 Specific settings . insert data XRGB -Mini Specific. Happen to have official component cables for your Gamecube? Check out this tutorial for flawless Game Boy Player graphics on the OSSC! Settings cheat sheet:. OSSC Specific settings . The following settings must be used for a stable picture with the SNES on any display. H-PLL pre-coast: 1 H-PLL post-coast: 0 SNES compatibility is often regarded as the Achilles heel of the OSSC. While every other system works with little or no fine-tuning, the SNES continues to cause problems on some displays. Thus far, all computer monitors that have been tested. FirebrandX has just updated his OSSC profiles on Feb 20th, 2020. Added are the much-appreciated Neo-Geo and N64 profiles. Download them at Added are the much-appreciated Neo-Geo and N64 profiles

The HD retrovision cable can work on gamecube. It's not specially made for it. A TV that accepts PAL is recommended. PAL gamecube will have 50hz systems menus & boot screens. Beware that a PAL gamecube cannot be modded to Japanese language settings. Look up Swiss if you need to address the compatibility issues Kaico Edition OSSC Open Source Scan Converter 1.6 avec Péritel, Composant et VGA vers HDMI pour Le Jeu rétro. Multiplicateur de Ligne upscaler Parfait pour Les Jeux rétro RGB à décalage zéro: Amazon.fr: High-tec If you are using the OSSC like I am you will want to download the high-fidelity version (gbihf-ossc.gci). This will allow you to get a 2x scaled image @ 360p60. I'm connected via RGB Scart which is composite as sync, so I set the following settings: - Under 'settings opt', I set 'Auto AV1 Y/Gs' to YPbP

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If you're looking to play GameCube games on your HDTV, you can buy a solution based on an open-source homebrew project called GCVideo. Some of these can be installed internally, but there are a few good plug-and-play options avaialble that support all resolutions. Also, GCVideo 480i output has an option to bob deinterlace to 480p. The result of that type of deinterlacing is a. The Wii, Dreamcast and GameCube versions have modes for 480i, 288p, 576i and 480p evaluation as well. It consists of tests designed with the processing of 240p signals in mind, although when possible it includes other video modes and specific tests for them. These have been tested with video processors on real hardware and a variety of displays, including CRTs, PVMs, BVMs and Arcade monitors.

Interestingly, the N64 required absolutely no correction using the default settings of the OSSC, so that was nice. Some games like SM64 do have quite large black bars top and bottom, but again it was trivial to add a variant that has those cropped nicely. Today, I've been trying to set up the GameCube. This is where everything gets a bit... Messy. First of all, I checked everything out with. OSSC On-Screen Display Firmware Released. Posted on November 13, 2019 March 7, 2020 by Bob. The latest Open Source Scan Converter firmware was just released and it includes the on-screen display that was recently shown in a beta test release. The OSD mimicks exactly what's on the LCD display, making it easy to tweak settings without getting up The official changelog for firmware v0.85.

ossc — это небольшое устройство, которое помогает подключать большое количество ретроприставок к современным телевизорам и мониторам и улучшать качество изображения. Большинство современных телевизоров не умеет п Ossc aspect ratio. A clerk at a Tucker vape store has been fired after a heated confrontation with a Trump supporter inside the store. A clerk at a Tucker vape store has been fired after a heated confrontation with a Trump supporter inside the store. Ossc aspect ratio.

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2. Certain settings will not load from the profile unless you use Load instead of Load_Select. For example, In order for Zoom to be turned on from the profile, you have to use the Load option. 3. Next, these profiles are designed primarily around the cleanest input type, so they are set to load from that input type directly (i.e. RGB or. Works on all other retro consoles from Spectrum, Amiga, SNES, Gamecube (PAL), Saturn, Megadrive to PlayStation and more 12 Months Support, Repair or Replace Warranty with KAICO. Adjust scanlines, upscale image, tweak output HDMI settings and adjust frame rates. Kaico Edition includes Remote, Instructions, Power Supply and Multi-Country Plug

Settings Mobile Home /vr/ - Retro Games. Return Catalog Bottom Refresh. Thread archived. You cannot reply anymore. Anonymous OSSC 09/06/20(Sun)15:50:54 No. 6840586. File: file.png (1.09 MB, 1280x720) 1.09 MB PNG. OSSC Anonymous 09/06/20(Sun)15:50:54 No. 6840586. I'm sure someone bought OSSC for crystal crisp pixels. Show something beautiful. >> Anonymous 09/06/20(Sun)16:01:32 No. 6840635. Unless you're on Wii, which needs a custom MIOS. Swiss definitely can load backups on a gamecube though. Hopefully Extrems will chime in, he'll probably know the answers. Top . MidOrFeed2015 Post subject: Re: OSSC (DIY video digitizer & scandoubler) Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:48 am . Joined: 01 Jul 2015 Posts: 165: Saw that the main issue with 480p on ps3 is lag bit I tested 480i aND 480p.

La carte SD Gecko va permettre de pouvoir lancer des fichiers depuis une carte SD par le biais du « Slot Mémoire ».. La PCB SD2SP2 va permettre de pouvoir lancer des fichiers depuis une carte MicroSD par le biais du « Serial Port 2 ».. Ici on va s'en servir pour lancer des Jeux GameCube ! ————- Requis : - Gamecube avec une Puce ou Hack Exploit Softmo Best OSSC settings for the N64? - VideoGamePerfection . The Nintendo 64, often referred to as N64, is a 64 bit video game console released in 1996 by Nintendo. It is the most powerful cartridge based non-handheld system ever produced. The console does not provide an RGB signal and must be modified in order to provide one OSSC Online Profile Editor. For those new to this process of importing.

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Say I want settings for GameCube and Wii, for example. Top . Windfish Post subject: Re: OSSC (DIY video digitizer & scandoubler) Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 1:24 am . Joined: 13 Jul 2014 Posts: 172 ^As I wait for someone with more expertise to chime in, I am fiddling around with the settings myself. Line-doubling 480p sources like the GCN and Wii result in a brighter image, perhaps too bright. I. I'm making this post to see if any of you know which OSSC settings I need to adjust in order to resolve these issues. I just got my OSSC 1.6 and I'm still learning to use it. Here's a condensed version of the descriptions of the issue I'm having, in case you can't/don't want to look at the Imgur pics and descriptions: First, my setup: GameCube and Wii ---> official GameCube component cables OSSC Video Profile Tweaking with RetroEscape: Striving for Perfection. For those looking to perfect the video being put out by their OSSC or other upscale devices, our friend, RetroEscape (who loves to share his pixel adventures on Instagram) shares his advice and examples:For devices such as the Micomsoft XRGB-mini Framemeister (other XRGB devices) and the OSSC there are custom profiles. If you have an OSSC, you can output from the WiiU via component, to it, and force it to internally convert the colour to Rec. 601 (on the input side), and output Full RGB via HDMI. If you set output to YCbCr444, that's Limited RGB

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Лучшие игры для GameCube; Лучшие игры для Wii; Лучшие игры для Wii U ; Ретромания — SNES. Ретромания — SNES — оценки; Игры детства (Atari, Sega, NES) Ретромания — Музыка 8 & 16 Bit; Разное (моды, переводы, патчи) История Нинтендо (книга) Hardware. Мо RetroTINK helps connect retro consoles to modern displays and more. Our line of products converts legacy video formats with high quality and minimal visual distortion for the most authentic experience

Hey all, so I just recently started looking into getting an OSSC after searching for quite some time for a way to improve GameCube and Wii video quality (I have a Wii component cable but I find it still looks pretty blurry and ugly going directly into my TV without any external video processor, and I wasn't previously interested in an OSSC for consoles older than the GameCube because I find. Kaico Edition OSSC Open Source Scan Converter 1.6 with SCART, Component and VGA to HDMI for Retro Gaming. Line Multiplier upscaler Perfect for Zero lag RGB Retro Gaming 4.6 out of 5 stars 257. $199.99. RetroTINK 2X Pro Zero Lag Line Doubler for Retro Console to HDTV with Included N64/SNES S-Video Cord 4.9 out of 5 stars 71. $149.99. Mcbazel RGB Scart Cable for SNES GameCube N64 NTSC Mcbazel. 3.

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The OSSC just got a firmware update a few days after I received it and it updated just fine. The new features are working great! Update: I've been using this with a SNES and a PS1 using scart cables and the picture looks beautiful! Yesterday, I received some GameCube component cables and tried out game boy interface. GBA games look fantastic. Created by Insurrection Industries, the Carby is, for all intents and purposes, a close match to the other HDMI adapters available for the GameCube.However, it costs just £75, compared to the £.

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But OSSC is simpler and you can get the same high quiality result in less steps with less configuration. Framemeister also supports HDMI (as input), AV and S-Video. OSSC on the other hand, doesn't support these, but it supports VGA (Framemeister doesn't). Keep in mind: OSSC is only a linedoubler, and Framemeister is an upscaler! Descriptio Retrotink 2x vs ossc Retrotink 2x vs ossc

We tested the unit on an NTSC GameCube DOL-001 via a 55 Sony Bravia 4K TV alongside an original GameCube component cable and a modified RGB SCART cable. The picture quality from GC Video Plug 'n. What is your turn around time for completing my NS2 Projects? It Various depending upon your requirements, we analyze your paper and mail back with estimated time frame I use Framemeister over OSSC because my Elgato works better with it, it takes s-video for my N64, and I can tweak the settings to make my PSP games full screen. Also my Plasma TV had trouble with the OSSC a little, but I plan on getting another TV in the near future, so that wasn't a huge factor in the decision . Still think the OSSC is great though, and you can't go wrong with either one.

In the end, I found my optimal settings to be: PS1 240p/480i games-OSSC: 480i passthrough, 240p 4X, Scanlines On-ANI-HPNHN: Size = Full, Output = 480p -Notes: Yes that downscales the 960p (240p x 4) image to 480p but it looks significantly better than using 240p 2X or 3X mode. 240p games with little or no 480i-OSSC: 240p 3X, 480i 2X, Scanlines On-ANI-HPNHN: Size = Full, Output = 1080p 480i. Post subject: Re: OSSC : Upscaler style XRGB. Post Posted: 24 Aug 2019, 10:28 . Offline: stick d'argent: Joined: 21 Oct 2016, 20:32 Posts: 867 Location: Paris Quote: Quote: je viens de recevoir mon ossc bitfunix from Ali express. je connais pas la version officielle mais la chinoise semble de qualité, et avec un case. si y a un comparatif entre les 2 versions je suis preneur. reste plus qu'à. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug

Vite ! Découvrez l'offre OSSC HDMI Converter Kit for Retro Game Console PlayStation 1 2 - - Atari Series Controller 414 pas cher sur Cdiscount. Livraison rapide et Economies garanties en casque réalité virtuelle The RetroTINK-2X is a plug-and-play, ultra-low latency line doubler. Connect your retro-console over composite, S-Video and component to your modern display! Inputs: Component, S-video and Composite Formats: 240p/480i, 288p/576i, NTSC and PAL and PAL-60 Output: miniHDMI at 480p/576p (line-doubled mode) or input resolution (pass-thru mode) Latency: About 53 microseconds Audio: 24-bit stereo. Now I've got the problem of securing a way to play Gamecube games on my new TV well. GCHDs and Carby cables all seem to be sold out from UK sellers. Waiting on more info on OSSC Pro before diving into that. Meatwad. The Fallen. Oct 25, 2017 3,124 USA. Jun 1, 2020 #162 Tracking says mine should arrive Wednesday, can't wait . Fuzzy. The Fallen. Oct 25, 2017 10,504 Toronto. Jun 3, 2020 #163. OSSC Open Source Scan Converter 1.6 with SCART Component VGA to HDMI for Retro Gaming - Kaico Edition: Amazon.com.au: Electronic That's what I'm using, coax Retro Access scart cables. 5x mode on the OSSC is incredible when you dial the settings in. I use 5x for all my consoles that I use on the OSSC. Pretty much emulator quality. Last edited: Apr 20, 2020. dolabla Member. Oct 9, 2013 5,381 10,494 880. Apr 21, 2020 #17 Found this high quality video of the Genesis with HD Retrovision component cables running through an.

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